Moss Piglet –  Wearable Independent Art

We create unique, handmade jewellery in collaboration with a variety of artists.

Our classic, bold designs feature artwork from the beautiful to the unusual and everything in between.

Browse our gallery, find your favourite artwork and then choose how you want to wear it


Classic Necklaces

Circular Earrings

Charm Bracelets

Rectangle Earrings

Wooden Necklaces

Disk Earrings

Wooden Earrings

Featured Artists

Joni Belaruski

Irish born, London living Joni produces dark and delicious work that will just make you crave more…

Gurdish Haugsdal

Living in Norway, Gurdish is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who creates incredibly striking work you can’t help but fall in love with…

Disorder Boutique

Birmingham Based artist Mark Howard is the man behind the undeniably cool and unique Disorder Boutique, prepare to get addicted…

Moss Piglet Blog

Artists, Do you Want to Collaborate?

If you would like to collaborate with Moss Piglet and have your artwork featured in the gallery and then made into handmade jewellery

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