We talk to Notts illustrator, Adam Wills before his upcoming exhibition…..

What first sparked your interest in your particular art form? Did a specific style or artist inspire you to go for it or was it independent of that?

I’ve always appreciated art in its many forms. From a young age I loved illustrations by Quentin Blake and Ronald Searle. They had a playfulness in their style that I imitated (badly) in my early years. I find inspiration comes along often and stokes the fires of creativity. It can be looking back at the old masters or some sticker art on a bus stop. Ideas come from everywhere.

What’s the next Steps for you as an artist?  – What excites you about the future?

I’m currently getting ready to release my second comic through Magoria Studios and then on to the next book! I’m also preparing for an exhibition of paintings at the Malt Cross, 27th September – 1st October and I’m always busy with commissions from logos to an album cover. In other words, I’m not planning on sleeping too much!

If you could have chosen a different art form to pursue what would it have been and why?

Either music or sculpture I suppose. I never gave time to the music and just got very good at posing with a guitar rather than playing it. Sculpture was something I had a bash at when I was at college. Perhaps something for the future!

There are many things that help drive and inspire an artist but if one of those things were a musical soundtrack, what music would help to get the creative juices flowing?

I listen to all sorts. Often depends on the project. If I’m drawing a SciFi comic I’ll listen to some futuristic electronics or trip hop for example. I listen to a lot of soundtracks and instrumental stuff. If I’m painting it’s often Coltrane or Miles but depends on the work usually.

Describe the perfect day for you, combining and balancing a day of creative productivity, along with the necessary unwind?

Perfect day is waking up without an alarm, strong coffee, complete a big project, then paint a huge canvas (and sell it before the paint is dry) I’ll  finish the day with friends for wine and silliness then head home and paint some more.

If you could own any painting in the world, which one would it be and why?

I’d own Gurnica by Picasso. I love the movement he created with it and the sociopolitical commentary it made and still makes today… its also worth a few quid i’ve heard!


Adam Willis is a Nottingham based artist and illustrator. Drawing is one of his earliest memories and has continued to produce work for exhibitions, festivals and private collections. In early 2017 he founded Magoria Studios and began producing comic books and short stories collaborating with other local writers and artists. Adam is influenced by science fiction, renaisance frescos, graffiti and nature amongst a billion other things!