Moss Piglet talks to one of Birmingham’s finest & most fabulous fashion designers…..

What first sparked your interest in your particular art form? Did a specific style or artist inspire you to go for it or was it independent of that?

I’ve never thought of myself as a Fashion designer. I just love to make things and my particular favorite raw material is fabric. Also I believe that what we wear is more important than anything else about us. It’s how we interpret who and what we are to the world. If someone is shuffling about in a hoodie and joggers, I just assume they have nothing to say for themselves. There’s an awful lot of people walking around looking like androids, all the same. I feel it’s my responsibility to try to change that. It’s not about being a freak. Just make an effort!

What’s the next Steps for you as an artist?  – What excites you about the future?

I’ll be presenting a winter collection called ‘Excentrica’ at the Elements of Couture Fashion Event on the 26th November, and then I’ll be completing my orders for Christmas dresses and pieces. 2018 will be about making my first fashion film, a refurb of the Burbo Boutique and building on my regular slots for Made in Birmingham TV incorporated with my new Youtube channel. Possibly more capsule collections but I prefer to just show what I have at any particular moment, to keep it random.

If you could have chosen a different art form to pursue what would it have been and why?

Music was my first love. I wrote and performed for many years. I miss the Live experience, but I rarely even listen to music now. Maybe one day I’ll go back to it.

There are many things that help drive and inspire an artist but if one of those things were a musical soundtrack, what music would help to get the creative juices flowing?

I’m a Techno freak when it comes to music and by that I mean I cant stand guitars, piano, real drums etc. It’s has to be synth and sampled for me to like it. Dirty early disco and HI-Energy and HOUSE, gotta love HOUSE music – it just make me feel very glamorous.

Describe the perfect day for you, combining and balancing a day of creative productivity, along with the necessary unwind?

My perfect day is, get up late, strong coffee and a walk with the dogs. Then just lock myself away and make stuff, become completely absorbed. Read books and make more. Social media is a necessary evil. I hate it but I know I have to do it as part of my job. It’s like TV, I find it intrusive and boring. I don’t really ‘relax’ as it were. I get very grumpy if I don’t have anything specific to do.

If you could own any painting in the world, which one would it be and why?

My favorite painting ever is ‘The Death of Chatterton’ by Henry Wallis. Years ago it was on loan at the Birmingham Art Gallery. I turned a corner and there it was; this tiny painting. I was transfixed. It’s dramatic, melancholy and a bit camp. His red hair and violet velvet trousers are a styling dream. Perfect!


Paul ‘Burbo’ Burbridge is Designer, stylist and owner of Burbo K’ture, a fashion label specialising in one off unique pieces and customisation for ‘Men/Women/Whatever’ Burbo K’ture was established in 2012 and is based at the appointment only boutique in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.