Peter Tinkler


Peter Tinkler.

Peter Tinkler was born in the Rep. of Ireland, in a town you have probably never heard of. He spent many a cheerful hour of his childhood running through lush fields, climbing tall trees, catching thousands of frogs, and drawing all over his bedroom walls. He has never seen a Leprechaun, but is sure they are responsible for stealing many of his most cherished boyhood toys.

Now that he is all grown up, Peter is most content when creating illustrations that emphasise his passion for narrative story telling through pictures. His favourite medium is undoubtedly oil paint, the smell of which lures him into his studio in the morning. However, Peter believes a combination of materials and techniques greatly enhances the process of image making, therefore seeing the advantages of being flexible in his approach. There are many areas of art history that have influenced his work over the years, as well as literature and film, but the atmospheric work of Goya never fails to inspire and stimulate.