About Moss Piglet

Someone once said, ‘thanks to art, instead of seeing one world, our own, we see it multiplied, and as many original artists as there are, so many worlds are at our disposal.’ I’ve created Moss Piglet for that very reason. I want it to be a place where people can discover new art, to browse at their leisure, and to fall in love with the idea’s and creations from strangers minds. Then if they so wish, they can wear a chosen piece of art in the form of my hand crafted jewellery.

Having known many creatives throughout the years I feel lucky to have been surrounded by that positive electricity, that energy, that imagination, that lust for expression, all the things that help define who we are. It has allowed me to see that some of our highest values can be found in our ability to create works of art, whatever shape or form they may take. I believe that to comment on the human condition through art is one of our noblest features. The only down side to knowing all these wonderfully inspiring people is to see what a struggle it can be to get noticed, let alone paid for their talents.

Exhibiting with Moss Piglet means you can do both. As well as receiving a percentage of every item sold featuring your artwork, it’s a perfect way to expose your art to eyes that wouldn’t ordinarily see it, and to have walking adverts of your work in the most unexpected nooks and crannies of the world.

For the buyer you can adorn yourself with beautiful jewellery made with original art, knowing you are supporting independent artists as well as wearing something quite unique. When you purchase something from Moss Piglet you’ve not only bought an item of jewellery, you’ve contributed and rewarded all those hours of research, craft and skill that goes into the process involved, from both the artist themselves and the subsequent jewellery.

I believe in collaboration amongst artists and here is the place where that collaboration can begin. The only limit being the amount of “original artists as are at our disposal…”, and the world they open up to us…


Rachel @ Moss Piglet x