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This week Moss Piglet reaches out to Buster Fisher – Artist Thank you for letting us use your amazing works of art. Check out his pages and give him your support…..also, for any Nottingham folk who don’t know, the P Spowage Art Gallery
off Bridlesmith Gate is well worth a pop in to see what they are on with. Follow the link below for more Buster Fisher.

As you can see this man is a prolific and talented artist. Reach out and make his acquaintance, check out his art and see the world through his eyes.

Buster Fisher

Buster paints with acrylics and oils as well as doing pencil drawings and digital artwork. He has always had a fascination with nature, wildlife and the fantasy world. With a natural skill for painting and drawing, he studied at Lincoln University and completed a Ba Hons in Illustration with 1st Class Honours.
From there he worked as a freelance illustrator and later on he worked at various creative establishments as resident artist, until residing at the P Spowage Gallery in Nottingham. It was there that his work began to gain recognition from corporate and public clients. His work will soon be available to selected retailers nationwide. Through difficult times Buster has always found drawing and painting as an outlet. It was his love of art that helped him to discover that only he could influence his own feelings. Through his art, Buster projects love with every brush stroke to the rest of the world. His images project love, joy and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Buster is one of Moss Piglets featured artists and will be represented by us at every opportunity. We believe that supporting the arts and the artists will help to create a gentle counterpoint in this crazy world we live in.